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Yosemite Will Take Reservations This Summer

A historic empty parking spot in Yosemite Valley. Will it happen again this summer?

Good news for those of us who love Yosemite National Park but hate crowds: Again this year, Yosemite will be requiring reservations to drive into the park during the daytime, peak season.

We didn’t go to Yosemite in 2021, but in 2020, we found it easy enough to get a reservation. NPS explains how you can get reservations either in advance or at the last minute. Here’s my article about the delights of visiting California’s iconic park without the masses.

This time around, they’re doing reservations not because of Covid but because of major renovations going on, including the closure of Glacier Point Road. So maybe it won’t be as fun to use the reservation system in 2022 as it was in 2020. However, my family has an America the Beautiful pass this year, so we just might give it a whirl.

By the way, have any of you ever stayed in Yosemite’s Housekeeping Camp? We have a reservation for two nights in a platform tent there in April, but I’m considering canceling. Reviews say that sleeping in the platform tents in cold weather is worse than sleeping in a pitched tent, because it’s bigger inside and there is basically a big opening in the front. Then again, it’s sleeping inside Yosemite. And they have outlets for space heaters.