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Yelapa is already exceeding my wildest expectations

a hammock with the ocean in the background
I couldn’t believe this living room/kitchen area was just for me!

I’m writing this from my kitchen table, while looking out at the Pacific ocean and listening to the mild surf crash against the beach. Well, my kitchen table for the next five days. I am spending this week in the secluded village of Yelapa, Mexico. And this place is Margaritaville. Or, I’m thinking, tropical Northern Exposure.

Sign reading Welcome to Yelapa in several languages
We feel welcome indeed here in Yelapa

There are no cars here, so you get around town on a series of footpaths that climb up and down the hills and wind around houses and taquerias and — even here — farmacias (I saw two last night). Everyone knows everyone, and our local guide stopped several times while leading us to our lunch spot to hug and kiss friends, and we even stopped at the doorway of a relative to admire her baby nephew. It’s like how I imagine living in a medievel village would be. The businesses’ have the operators’ first names painted over the doors. Hortensia’s grocery. Restaurant Fanny’s.

And guys, I have a hammock in myl living room, from which I can view the ocean.

I’m here for a travel writing class. Yesterday, when we arrived, we had lunch and a class session, then checked into the fabulous place we’re staying, then I jumped in the ocean and chilled out in a beach chair for awhile, watching parasailers drift from one side of the cove to the other. Today, I have errands — grocery shopping and laundry — but first I’m going to throw my snorkel mask in my bag and walk over to the area our guide recommended for snorkeling. I need to see some fishies!

I will share more about this magical place soon!