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Win 50,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards

Southwest is running a sweepstakes through the end of June, through its Dining Program. Two lucky winners will receive 50,000 Rapid Rewards points each. According to NerdWallet, Rapid Rewards are worth 1.6 cents each, so this is like winning $800. (Although the contest rules value the prize at $640. Cmon Southwest, don’t sell yourself short!)

The way Southwest wants you to enter:

  • Eat at a participating Southwest Dining restaurant
  • Pay with your linked credit card
  • Write a review (they send you an email after you get your food asking for a review) including the hashtag #sweepstakesentry

That’s nice and all, if you were already planning to eat out. But because of laws and stuff, there is also a free way you can enter:

  • Just fill out this form. It takes less than one minute.

Whichever way you enter, you can enter once a day through June 30. They say they’ll notify winners this fall.

Good luck!

And while we’re on the topic, do you earn many miles through airline dining programs? It’s kind of a dud for me usually. We don’t eat out enough, and there don’t tend to be a lot of participating restaurants in my area. For instance, in Alameda, the only place we patronized semi-regularly was Extreme Pizza. We ordered there four times in the last year, and from that I earned 496 points, plus a couple of 10-point bonsuses that they occasionally offer if you write a review. And recently I heard that our local outlet of this chain closed! So unless some other great local place joins Southwest Dining, I doubt this will become a major miles earning pathway for me.