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Is It Time to Start Spending Toward 2022 Miles Goals?

Don’t worry, I didn’t steal Gary’s Visa. This is an image borrowed from the Chase web site.

Since completing earning Southwest Companion Passes for Erik and me a couple months ago, I’ve been in a bit of a holding pattern, trying to push off major credit card spending until 2022, when I could start fresh on earning those 2023 Companion Passes.

But today something hit me as I was riding my bike with my son.

It’s already 2022 to some of my credit cards.

What I mean is, if my current card billing cycle ends in January or even if it ends later this month I won’t be awarded the miles I’m earning right now until 2022. And miles I earn in 2022 will count toward my 2023 Companion Pass. So I may not need to hold off on big purchases, which is good because, you know … Christmas? Or as my athiest family likes to call it, Yuletide. No matter what the name, lots of spending involved.

So I went online today to look at our Southwest cards. Sure enough, my Southwest Rapid Rewards Visa statement period closed Dec. 4, so the next one will — I assume — close around Jan 4. I was awarded the miles for that statement the day after it closed. My husband’s card statement closed on Dec. 2, and he already received the points for that statement as well.

Armed with this info, I switched all our spending to my Southwest Visa, and we’ll keep using that as our main card until we hit 125,000 points, which is what you need to earn a Companion Pass.

I’m especially excited about this realization because we haven’t paid for our new roof yet. I’m waiting for the roofing company to call and collect my credit card. Looks like I can start 2022 with a nice big miles infusion from that roof! (We already saved up the cash to pay for the roof, but since the roofers agreed to accept card at no additional price, we’ll be charging it and then paying the balance in full immediately.)