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DEAL OVER – Get $500 Southwest gift card for just $429.99

Southwest often sells $500 Southwest Airlines gift cards for $450, which is already a good deal. But I like to get them on sale, and now is the time to do that! Through Sunday, March 10, 2024, you can get a $500 gift card for just $429.99.

Since I put all nearly of our household expenses on my Southwest credit card, of course I usually have enough miles to pay for my travels. So why would I want a gift card? Well, I could use it to pay the $5 or so tax and fees for each flight (but I like to put that on my Chase Sapphire card so the trip will be covered for their travel insurance). So what I usually use my Southwest gift cards for: Any work-related travel. If I’m getting reimbursed, the receipt shows the full price I paid with the gift card, so I can get reimbursed for that, not what I paid for the gc. More often, since I work for myself, I’m not reimbursed, but I’d prefer to pay with money rather than miles, so I can deduct the expense from my taxes. I sometimes also give Southwest gift cards as, well, gifts!