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DEAL OVER: Buy One Flight, Get A Southwest Companion Pass (Today Only!)

Southwest Companion Passes are great. Once you have one, you can add your kid, spouse or anyone you want to every flight you take. Our family has had these money-saving passes for years! They have made our family travel a lot more affordable.

So it’s super exciting that Southwest Airlines is offering a free Promotional Companion Pass, today only. All you have to do is book one round trip flight. Now, don’t get too excited. The free pass they’re offering will only work for about two months, from August 5 through October 2, 2024. But if you’re planning to take even one trip during that window, this promotion could pay off.

The fine print

To qualify, you have to book either a RT flight or two one-ways today, March 27. You have to pay cash, not points. And you must fly by May 22, 2024.

Since I already have a Companion Pass for the year, I was hoping to get the deal for Erik. Unfortunately, the next time he’s planning to fly is after the deal window. I did look at having him fly from Oakland to Reno for a couple of days. But the prices were too high for the deal to make sense.

Deal idea: Buy a cheap flight, get an expensive one

Here’s a sample deal. Doing this, you could get the pass for just $100 — and use it to save over $550:

Screenshot showing a RT Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Las Vegas.
If you can find a cheap flight in the window for this deal, you could get the pass for $100 or less!
  1. Buy a RT ticket for Oakland-Las Vegas, departing Saturday May 4 and returning Tuesday May 7.
  2. Pay $99.96.
  3. Have a fun long weekend in Vegas!
A screenshot from Southwest Airlines
The cost of this flight is $551.40, so your free companion pass could save you over $500 here.
  1. Book yourself on a flight during the window the Companion Pass will be valid. For example, Oakland to Lihue, Hawaii, August 10-August 17, for $551.40.
  2. Once you get that Companion Pass, add your free companion to your Hawaii flight and enjoy more than $500 savings!

To find your own ideas for cheap flights to get the pass, look for cheap flights from your home airport. I plugged my local airport into to find them, or you could just use the Southwest site.

Happy searching! Let me know if you take advantage of this deal, which ends today, March 27, 2024!

Why I love having a Southwest Companion Pass

By the way, there is a reason I’ve based my miles strategy around the Companion Pass for years: It rocks. I saved a few thousand dollars on flights each year that I’ve had it, and there are other benefits too.

A big benefit of the Southwest Companion Pass is flexibility. As long as there is a seat available on the flight, you can add your companion. Even at the last minute. Suppose I’m flying to Wisconsin to see my college student. At the last minute, my other daughter decides to skip school and tag along. If I booked her one of the last remaining tickets on that flight, we’d pay a premium. But with the Companion Pass, I can click a few buttons to add her to the flight. Even the night before!

You can change your companion three times a year, which is handy since I have three kids. Right now, my companion is my middle child. But next month, I’ll be flying to Wisconsin to bring my oldest home from college. So shortly before that flight, I’ll call Southwest to change my companion, then add her to my return flight. After we get home, I’ll call Southwest to change it back to her sister.