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SF, Alameda do the right thing for transportation

I’m a Democrat, so there was a lot to be unhappy about when the election results started coming in last night. But as a cyclist, pedestrian and transit rider, there were a few things to be happy about too.

San Francisco had three props on the ballot that were more or less a referendum on transit: Prop A was a bond for more transit funding and bike lanes, Prop B to increase the Muni budget, and Prop L to encourage MORE DRIVING in the city. I’m relieved to see that it looks like SF voters are passing A and B and rejecting L, that is, voting for a future with fewer cars clogging city streets.

Here in Alameda county, it looks like we’re passing BB, a sales tax measure to improve transit, bike lanes and pedestrian conditions (and some highway construction too). You can bet that Car-Free Dad and I voted for that one!