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The Return of Planning

I love planning trips as much as I love taking trips. Maybe more.

That’s part of what has been sad about the past 14 months. Not just being stuck at home, but the inability to plan a trip at the end of the slog. Like everyone, at first we just postponed things. The 16th birthday spring break trip to NYC? We’ll do it in summer instead! Then that was pushed to “next spring break.” But spring break 2021 rolled around and we were still at home, Broadway still dark.

But yesterday, I got an email with this image in it:

The email said that the top show we had been looking forward to seeing, Hadestown, was opening in June, and as ticketholders whose show got cancelled, we would have the privilege of buying tickets early.

This got the ball rolling with my teen daughters, and we decided to reschedule the long-mourned Broadway trip for February 2022. The kids get a week off of school for President’s Day, and it will still be early enough in the year that my rising senior can visit any East Coast colleges she has applied to before making her final decision.

Hadestown won’t still be playing then, unless it’s extended. They’re currently booking dates only through October.

But the important thing is, I have a trip to plan. And because we spent $$$ on a major home project during the past year, I have Southwest miles and hotel points just burning a hole in my pocket. I can’t wait to get started.

Oh, and PS. We’re not taking that epic road trip. I’ll tell you all about that saga another time.