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Non-Car-Free Holiday


On Tuesday, five members of my extended family flew in from Wisconsin. I picked them up in a Chrysler Town & Country minivan with leather interior, an entertainment system and a button for everything — well at least a button for sliding open passenger doors and the back door. Another thing I love about it is that talking about the “T&C” sounds a little sexy.

We rented this minivan together, my parents, grandparents and I, making the cost quite reasonable for a two-week rental (under $600). So we have a vehicle around for the holidays — although it is not big enough to carry everyone if we want to go somewhere with all four generations in tow.

I’m sharing this because it’s an example of how avoiding car ownership can allow you to have the exact vehicle you need, when you need it. I would not want to own a minivan simply because we might need to pick up guests once or twice a year, and I would not want to try to make five adult guests squeeze into whatever car my family normally drove. Next time you’re tempted to upgrade your vehicle for an activity that only happens a few times a year, or buy a second vehicle for that activity, consider the rental agencies instead.

Happy Holidays!