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Love means never having to leave the island

We actually have a rental car for the weekend,* but we won’t need to use it this evening. Instead, we’ll walk over to South Shore Center to attend a special media-and-friends Grand Opening of the Little Ice Rink at South Shore Center.

Every year that we have lived in Alameda, the opening of this rink has been a big deal to the kids. To me, it’s a hoot to be able to enjoy winter sports without bundling up — see the dad in the picture wearing shorts? It should be about 60 degrees as the sun goes down on the rink this evening.

Living so close to South Shore Center is one of the main things that makes our car-free life possible. Weeks go by when I never leave the island of Alameda — and during the months where we can even ice skate without leaving the island, I love it even more.

Disclosure: This post is about a free event to which I was invited. All views expressed are my own.

* I had to rent a car for work yesterday and it turned out to be cheaper to keep it longer than to just keep it one day!