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Landscaping … By Bike

Some projects are harder to do without a vehicle than others. Of course, if we really wanted to get all our landscaping done quickly, we could rent a pick-up truck. But we just have a couple small areas on the sides of our porch that we wanted mulch for, so we stopped into the Ploughshares Nursery after hitting our favorite kid-friendly winery last weekend, and picked up a bucketful of free mulch along with a few plants the kids picked out.


That amount of mulch turned out to cover only half of one of the little spaces, so we figured we’d pick up another bucket next time we were at the other end of Alameda, about 5 miles away.

But last night, I found out from a local Facebook group that a neighbor just a few blocks away had chipped up a big pine tree and left a huge pile of free mulch on the street. I stopped by on the way home from my Girl Scout leader meeting, and boom, now we have enough mulch to cover the flower bed.

How do we do it? Sometimes, the answer is, “Slowly.”