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Two Free Global Entries Coming Right Up – My Benefits from AmEx Plat Top $1,000

One of the best perks that comes with the American Express Platinum card (I have the business version)* is that they will reimburse you the $100 fee for getting Global Entry, the program that allows you easier returns to the United States from abroad, and includes free TSA Precheck. When I got my card, I set up an “employee” card for my husband, since he is my company’s IT person and photographer, and because the staff at the AmEx call center said that I _might_ get reimbursed for a second Global Entry fee if it were purchased on this card.

So, I went through the annoying government web site sign-up process for myself, and used my AmEx Plat to charge the $100 fee. Then I went through the sign-up for him, and used his employee card to charge his $100 fee.

Sure enough, both fees were reimbursed. See?

The EP in a circle indicates that the charge was made, and reimbursed to, Erik’s card.

Since this card cost me a $450 annual fee (the consumer version costs $550), I’ve been tracking what benefits I’ve received from it so far:

  • $132 entry for three to Oakland Airport’s Escape Lounge
  • $200 Global entry fees
  • $500 — 50,000 Memebership Rewards Points for upgrading from my Business Gold to Platinum (at 1 cent a point, worth $500)

I’m waiting to receive the following benefit:

  • $270 through the 50% points rebate on travel booked on on my “preferred” airline. Since I spend 55,000 points, I should get about 27,000 points back. At a value of 1 cent each, that’s a $270 benefit. Apparently this can take up to 10 weeks, so I may have to wait on these points until Dec. 1, which stinks because I was planning to use the points to book a holiday flight. (Note that Amex has reduced this benefit to a 35% rebate, but for people like me who signed up just before they changed the policy, they’re honoring the 50% rebate for the first year.)

I have also received preferred status with Hilton and the SPG program, but that hasn’t given me any benefit yet so I won’t count it.

So, if you count the value of the points I’m waiting on, I’m up to $1,100 worth of rewards on the card I paid  $450 to get. I thought I’d also racked up about $100 in credit for Ubers, but I just found out that Business Platinum accounts don’t qualify for the Uber benefit. Not cool!

I still expect to redeem at least $400 more value from this card, because I can claim a $200 airline fee credit for 2017 and again in 2018. Since I may not incur any airline fees in 2017, I’ll probably try using my card to purchase gift cards. I also hope to take advantage of more lounge visits before my membership ends.

  • Affiliate link. If you sign up through me, you get 50,000 Membership Rewards Points after spending $10k, and I get 15,000 MRP.