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Walk & Roll to School: Fun or a drag?

This morning I allowed myself to get roped into volunteering for this year’s Walk & Roll to School Day. As a Bad Attitude Mom, in general I am unenthused about school events. I like dropping my kids off and then getting to work at home. I like letting them play at the playground while I sit on a bench reading. I do not love events that require me to put in any effort, and I hate events that require me to attend meetings.

Luckily, this volunteer gig did not involve a meeting, just showing up a little early for drop-off, so fine. The mom organizing it at school is a fitness blogger who I admire. But I must admit, I have a hard time getting the kids excited about this event. OK, I’ll admit it, I don’t even try.

Why? Well, come on. My kids have walked to school every day of their lives. We have purposely purchased homes in walking distance to the schools they have attended. Walking to school as a special event just doesn’t make any sense to my kids.

But what about for the other families? I guess I’m glad they’re walking or biking to school this one day. I really hope it will show families that don’t normally do this how easy and convenient it is. Honestly, I get a little judgey when I see so many parents driving right up to our school every day. When my parents were visiting, my dad became very concerned that the car traffic around the school was putting our kids in danger when they walk. I’m honestly not as concerned, but still — it would be safer with fewer cars all driving up to the school at that time.

Our school attendance area is not large, and our weather is almost always mild. I know some parents might need to drop the kids on their way to work, but I don’t really get why other parents put their kids in the car to travel just a few blocks every day.

So I guess Walk & Roll to School Day makes me feel a little grumpy instead of excited. I feel like graffitti-ing the signs to insert the word “Every” between “School” and “Day.” On the up side, our school has parent-led walking school buses, and a bike cage to keep kids’ rides safe all day. They really have done a lot to encourage families to walk and roll in every day. So I’ll quit my whining, show up for my volunteer shift, and cheer the kids for their accomplishment on this one special day this week.