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What I see when we walk


Pebbles shows us how to run like a girl while crossing the Oakland Estuary.

When I drive my kids somewhere, I am facing away from them. It’s kind of the law that I have to look at the road. The kids are strapped in place, often crammed into a position where they squabble like coach airline passengers. Then I scream at them and do that blind behind-the-seat swatting thing, trying to make them quit fighting but only succeeding in making them laugh at me.

When we walk somewhere together, it’s different.

Not that they never fight, or whine. But we also see interesting and (because we are lucky enough to live in Northern California) beautiful things together, and I get to watch them and enjoy being their mom.

I took these pictures on our last walk to swimming lessons this summer, just before school started. It was a walk of just over one mile, and we usually spent about 20 minutes on it.


All ready for swimming, carrying a bag that CVS sent us full of Abound snacks. (Giveaway coming soon!)

It was one of those afternoons when fog was rolling in. Look in this direction — toward the Oakland Airport — the sky is still blue, but to our right, the San Francisco skyline is already swallowed up.

This path winds underneath the car bridge to take us to a bike/pedestrian bridge right next to it.

Nutmeg under the car bridge, seeing what the driver’s don’t.

A boy and his stick. He never gets to find a stick riding in the car.