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Get Airline Miles While Shopping Prime Day Deals

Amazon’s periodic Prime Day is continuing today, and they have some pretty steep discounts on some items. But one of the many things that I don’t like about buying from Amazon is that I can’t earn any airline miles there.

Fortunately, other retailers are matching some Prime Day deals. The one that appears to be doing so the most aggressively is Best Buy.

For example, yesterday I fell for the sleek look of these Bose noise-cancelling headphones. Regular price $399, Prime Day deal $229. Before putting it in my Amazon cart, I did a quick Google search to see who else was selling the same product.

Sure enough, Best Buy was also selling them for $229, also with free shipping. And because I clicked through the Southwest Shopping portal (actually I have a browser plug-in insalled so that as soon as I navigated to the Best Buy page, a pop-up reminded me to apply Southwest Shopping benefits), I earned half a point per dollar. So I’ll get more than 100 miles for buying this deal.

The only difference is that Amazon was promising to get me the headphones the next day, whereas I’ll have to wait a week to get them from Best Buy. But honestly, I didn’t urgently need these anyway. I was just tempted by the reviews that say they have an adjustable level of noise blocking, going up to completely blocking out every sound, which my current less expensive noise-blockers can’t do.

If you do buy your Prime Day deals on Amazon though, take note that the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa is paying 6 percent points back on Amazon purchases today, compared to its normal 5 percent.