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Win 100,000 Miles With AAdvantage Sweepstakes

I entered this contest today to win 100,000 AAdvantage miles and $2,500 cash because, why not? If you already have a sign-in for American Airlines’ web site, it should only take a couple of clicks to enter. 

There is also a box you can check to get additional 100 entries by joining the AAdvantage Shopping email list. Once you enter, you’ll have the chance to click through AAdvantage Shopping to earn 20 more entries with a $50 or larger purchase from any merchant. According to the rules, you can earn up to 100 extra entries per day by making up to five $50 or larger purchases from different AAdvantage Shopping merchants. The sweepstakes started today and ends Sept. 29.

Lucky girl that I am, I had “replace car headlight” on my to-do list today, and Autozone provides four AA miles for every dollar you spend there through the shopping portal, so I am buying a pair of Sylvania headlights for $46.99. Now I just have to think of something else I need for the car to push the purchase over $50 and get those extra entries.